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    After a series of concerts with Gonzalo Rubalcaba on grand stages, in anticipation of her project with Branford Marsalis, Anna Maria Jopek has been taking it back to smaller venues, shifting focus to genuine intimacy.
    Here's her invitation: Time seems to pass terribly slow when you're waiting for the spring to come. We want to be a little patch of warmth and light for you and hence decided to play quietly but with true energy. Also, I need a dose of beauty and harmony to guide me through this sombre time, so I will joyfully perform bossa novas--with the best possible configuration of musicians to such playing:

    Kuba Stankiewicz - a pianist praised for sheer sensitivity of playing
    Mitchell Long - a guitarist whom Melody Gardot introduced to me in Lisbon. He is her co-worker, devilishly talented, versatile, and charming
    Pedro Nazaruk - a multi-instrumentalist and my vocal comrade
    Robert Kubiszyn - you know how versatile he is... Now just on bass
    Paweł Dobrowolski - whom I requested to pound his guts out on his drums

    My assumption? We build on energy, not on the volume, and we look to the inside for colours, hues, and artistic means rather than relying on gadgets. I want it to be simple, beautiful, and as true as possible. Will it work out? Let's find out together!

    Feb 10 | Łomianki/Jazz Cafe
    Feb 11 | Łomianki/Jazz Cafe
    Feb 12 | Chorzów/Teatr Rozrywki
    Feb 14 | Lublin/Teatr Stary
    Feb 15 | Lublin/Teatr Stary
    Feb 17 | Nysa/Nyski Dom Kultury
    Feb 18 | Kraków/Teatr im. J. Słowackiego
    Feb 19 | Rzeszów/Filharmonia Podkarpacka
    Feb 24 | Izmir/AASSM


    Czas kobiety

    Good news for those of you who weren't at Teatr Stary in Lublin to see "Czas kobiety" [A WOMAN'S TIME], Leszek M±dzik's theatre production with AMJ and Robert Kubiszyn. On Oct 15th, Teatr Wielki in Warsaw will put on a performance of the spectacle. The day will also mark the release of the soundtrack (only in Empik and .

    Tickets to Teatr Wielki in Warsaw:


    music: Jerzy Petersburski / lyrics: Zenon Friedwald
    Anna Maria Jopek (voice), Gonzalo Rubalcaba (piano)
    Armando Gola (bass), Ernesto Simpson (drums)

    Arrangements & music production: Gonzalo Rubalcaba
    Mix & recording engineer: Carlos Alvarez

    Script & direction: Robert Roy Nałęcz
    Filmed at: Teatr Stary in Lublin (6.04.2017)
    Lights & scenography: Tomasz Sierotko, Daniel Sipowicz, Grzegorz Polak


    Anna Maria Jopek and Gonzalo Rubalcaba are dropping new single "Twe usta kłami±" [Your Lips Lie] and its accompanying music video. The song has appeared on their new album "Minione", which was released on Feb 3, 2017. At the turn of March and April, the nostalgic pre-war Polish tangos and boleros -- influenced by contemporary jazz and Cuban pulse-- were performed live during the artists' tour for the album (watch some pictures).
    We are happy to annouce that "Minione" has got recently Platinum Award for sale. Thank you!

    Anna Maria Jopek (voice), Gonzalo Rubalcaba (piano)
    Armando Gola (bass), Ernesto Simpson (drums)

    Recorded in Hit Factory, August 2016.
    Recording and mix engeneer: Carlos Alvarez. Studio edit: Mario Garcia

    Script and direction: Robert Roy Nalecz

    Special thanks to:
    COSMOPOLITAN, ul. Twarda 4


    Just before 'Minione' Tour, Anna Maria Jopek is set to perform in India. Ania accompanied by her band (Krzysztof Herdzin - piano, Robert Kubiszyn - bass, Piotr Nazaruk - voice, fluets, Paweł Dobrowolski - drums) will hit the stages of QLA club (March 10th) and on the main stage of Holi Moo! Festival (March 13th). AMJ will perform also in Mumbai (March 11th, True School of Music).
    new album on Saint Valentine's Day. Concert tour in March and April
    (trailer 3)

    Script and direction: Robert Roy Nalecz
    Production: Universal Music Polska

    Special thanks to: COSMOPOLITAN, ul. Twarda 4


    After her musical journeys deep into the Japanese ('Haiku') and Lusitanian ('Sobremesa') sounds, this time AMJ sings in Polish with the Cubans. The album 'Minione', which will be launched on Saint Valentine Day, brings back to life the most charming pre-war Polish tangos.
    AMJ sings with one of the greatest improvising pianist of our times, fantastic Gonzalo Rubalcaba and his jazz trio. Among hundreds of old tangos and boleros, both leading musicians chose those that inspired them most, such as: ['Rebeca'] or ['Your lips lie']. Those pieces had the ability to span the world of the thirties of the past century with contemporary vocal music, as well as connect various cultures: Polish, Cuban, Jewish, Argentinian and American.

    'When I work with the artists coming from the musical backgrounds different to mine, I'm always delighted by their diversity. Everything that they bring in to the recording enriches me spiritually. I'm amazed of the immensity of beauty and truth on the crossroads of cultures and human sensibility. Music is the language of unity" - says AMJ. "Working on those old tangos was pure magic. Rarely can you come across the material of such charm, intense melancholy, mystery and eroticism. Recording with Gonzalo was sheer mysticism. The presence of 'being' in every note teaches you to be carefully attentive and humble.'

    'Minione' is arranged and produced by Gonzalo Rubalcaba. The highest audiophile sound quality of the recording is the merit of the Grammy Awards winner Carlos Alvarez, in the legendary studios The Hit Factory Criteria Miam, Florida.

    Photos and the clip for the project were made by Robert - ROY - Nałęcz during the recording sessions in Miami studios, as well as in Warsaw (Cosmopolitan apartments).

    The album release will be followed by the tour in the biggest Polish cities.

    21/03/2017 – TORUŃ / Centrum Kulturalno-Kongresowe Jordanki
    22/03/2017 – GDAŃSK / Polska Filharmonia Bałtycka
    24/03/2017 – BIELSKO-BIAŁA / Bielskie Centrum Kultury
    25/03/2017 – POZNAŃ / Sala Ziemi
    26/03/2017 – ŁÓD¬ / Wytwórnia 
    28/03/2017 – WARSZAWA / Teatr Muzyczny Roma - 2 concerts
    31/03/2017 – KRAKÓW / ICE KRAKÓW
    2/04/2017 – WROCŁAW / Narodowe Forum Muzyki 
    4/04//2017 – SZCZECIN / Filharmonia w Szczecinie
    6/04/2017 – LUBLIN / Teatr Stary
    7/04/2017 – LUBLIN / Teatr Stary
    8/04/2017 – KATOWICE / NOSPR

    For those in love, not loved or loved not enough...
    Anna Maria Jopek / Gonzalo Rubalcaba

    (trailer 2)

    Script and direction: Robert Roy Nalecz
    Production: Universal Music Polska

    Special thanks to: COSMOPOLITAN, ul. Twarda 4


    Yesterday I sang with Sting. It was the Absolute. You realise how much it means to me. Sting's voice has guided me through life. You must be sick at this point with my anecdote about the school locker I used for music notations and books with a poster of His face hanging inside for years. I would open it at 8 a.m. before my lessons, chuck Bach's notes into it with my hands shaking and the feeling that I practiced too little - and then I would always feel the gaze of Sting's peaceful eyes. The moment I looked into them I immediately knew that things would work out somehow, that I'd be okay. I could always count on Him, both in happy and sad times. At the delivery room, during a marathon, when my rib or heart broke, even on 9/11 when the world was tumbling down... Sting and His music were always there for me.

    He is my biggest inspiration. He has been at the back of my mind in all my music projects. I always wonder how He would handle certain artistic issues. He is my role model. After all, He has invented a distinctively new language in music. The mixture of everything I love: jazz, rock, pop, classical music, folk, poetry - everything kept in a perfect proportion. Mastery of the form.

    For me and my friends from the band, it was an honour and distinction to open the gala in Toruń for Sting. The idea of the duet together arose spontaneously. I finished my set (the Audience was marvelous, thank you!) and what happened next had thrown me into another orbit. Sting took his guitar, invited me to His dressing room, we worked out who would sing what, and a moment later I was sharing the stage with Him.

    I still can't believe that it really happened! There was a moment I will never forget. A short instant in the dressing room. His hands on the guitar neck and His voice, "sauté," right beside my ear. I wished I could listen and follow this voice forever... Unimaginable happiness...

    My birthday is approaching.
    You have always been so kind and generous to me. Please don't be so this time. Please, please... I mean it. I have been given more than one could ever get. I know how many of you thought about me yesterday and dreamed my dream for me of the duet. I did feel that. Your energy...

    It is my talisman.
    Thank you Sting.
    Thank you to You.
    Hugs to everyone!

    Very happy,

    Script and direction: Robert Roy Nalecz
    Production: Universal Music Polska

    Special thanks to: COSMOPOLITAN, ul. Twarda 4


    Special performance is scheduled for Friday, 20 April 2018.
    Anna Maria Jopek, one of Poland's best-known singers, comes to Bremen. She has previously performed with Pat Metheny, Branford Marsalis, and Gonzalo Rubalcaba. And as Poland is jazzahead!'s partner country this year, she brings with her no less famous Polish pianist Leszek Możdżer. Anna Maria Jopek and Leszek Możdżer are both classically educated. They share admiration for Polish music and a great many-year friendship on stage. This gala concert is a rare joint appearance and a special premiere: A salute to the masters, styles and genres of Polish music that have shaped their artistic personalities. Expect references to Chopin, Szymanowski and Mazurkas. More:


    In February 2017 Kroke & Anna Maria Jopek are going to perform in Göteborg (Feb, 2nd), Stockholm (Feb, 3rd) and Oslo (Feb, 4th). Please find more details in concert schedule...


    AMJ and her band are set to perform at the legendary jazz club for the 20th time in their career. Blue Note Tokyo is pleased to invite you to five extraordinary concerts, December 23rd to 25th.

    The special Christmas programme will include, among other things, a selection of Polish carols.

    AMJ will be joined on stage by Krzysztof Herdzin, Robert Kubiszyn, and Paweł Dobrowolski.



    This autumn Anna Maria Jopek is going for a tour in quartet, her recent concert formation. The musicians play on a myriad of instruments which they switch in the course of playing a piece. The colours flicker and interfuse, the music defies conventions, genres and forms. It seems to have no constraints. 'This project is a lot of wonderful fun, but also a great challenge' - the artists admit. During the concerts, you won't be missing on biggest hits and most beautiful Polish themes.

    The band will perform composed of:
    Anna Maria Jopek - vocals, electronic keyboard
    Krzysztof Herdzin - piano, keyboard instruments, accordion, flutes, calimba, vocals
    Robert Kubiszyn - bass, wave drum, backing vocals, live looping
    Piotr Nazaruk - vocal, flutes, zithar and Polish folk instruments

    1st October 2016 - Gorzów Wielkopolski (Poland)
    2nd October 2016 - Zielona Góra (Poland)
    22nd October 2016 - Suszec (Poland)
    4th November 2016 - Gliwice (Poland)
    9th November 2016 - Żyrardów(Poland)
    10th November 2016 - Kielce (Poland)
    13th Noveber 2016 - Siedlce (Poland)
    14th Noveber 2016 - Białystok (Poland)
    19th Noveber 2016 - Aalsmeer (The Netherlands)
    20th Noveber 2016 - Częstochowa (Poland)
    30th Noveber 2016 - Kalisz (Poland)
    11th December 2016 - Kwidzyn (Poland)


    Early next week, between August 8th and 10th, Anna Maria Jopek will join the brilliant organist Piotr Rachoń for a series of concerts as part of the summer organ festival. They will perform a selection of the most beautiful liturgical songs.

    Get ready for a time-travel through styles and epochs!

    8th August 2016 - Bardo, 19:00
    Bazylika Mniejsza in Bardo (plac Wolno¶ci 5)

    9th August - Legnica, 19:15
    Katedra ¶w. App. Piotra i Pawła (ul. ¶w. Piotra 2a)

    10th - Polanica-Zdrój, 19:00
    Ko¶ciół pw. WNMP (ul. Kamienna)

    "High tide, low tide, wave after wave. The eternal mantra hummed by the sea," one might want to sing knowing that AMJ is set to perform in the Tricity (Poland).

    Be sure not to miss AMJ and her band's summer show on 31st July 2016!
    The accompanying musicians will include Krzysztof Herdzin, Robert Kubiszyn, Piotr Nazaruk, and Paweł Dobrowolski.

    Tickets are available here:


    This magical merger of AMJ's style and Kroke's music is a clash of two opposite but extraordinary worlds of sensitivity and sound. Their music evokes the in uence of many cultures and brings the past - refers to traditional music as well as future uses innovative technics and form and color. Their own style that borders ethno roots, jazz, classical, klezmer music and even electronica is almost beyond any de ning style.
    Once one listens to their music, immerses into an abyss shimmering with thousands of colors. The music makes a wonderful soundtrack to lm and theater and has been used for this purpose on several occasions. The musicians see themselves as improvisers - explorers, travelling through time and space. Two great voices, one masculine and one feminine, complete this universal piece of art that can be embraced and admired in every latitude.

    We are pleased to invite you to concerts:
    14th June 2016 - Kraków (Poland)
    15nd June 2016 - Kraków (Poland)
    16th July 2016 - Ostrava (Czech Rep.) - Colorus of Ostrava
    30th July 2016 - Pranie (Poland)
    17th September 2016 - Aleksandrów Łódzki (Poland)


  • For the first time in the career Anna Maria Jopek is going to perform in Australia. She is set to perform in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

    AMJ will be accompanied on stage by:
    Krzysztof Herdzin - piano, accordion, flutes, calimba, vocals
    Robert Kubiszyn - bass, wave drum, percussion instruments, backing vocals, live looping
    and in Melbourne by Paweł Dobrowolski - drums.

    29.12.2015 / 20:00 / MELBOURNE Ruby's Music Room
    30.12.2015 / 20:00 / MELBOURNE Deakin Edge
    01.01.2016 / 19:00 / MELBOURNE Fairfax Studio
    03.01.2016 / 14:00 / MELBOURNE Hamer Hall
    03.01.2016 / 20:00 / MELBOURNE Ruby's Music Room
    08.01.2016 / 20:30 / SYDNEY Foundry 616 Jazz Club
    09.01.2016 / 19:00 / BANKSTOWN Polish Club Bankstown
    10.01.2016 / 12:30 / MARAYONG John Paul II Polish Hall
    10.01.2016 / 20:00 / SYDNEY Foundry 616 Jazz Club
    16.01.2016 / 18:00 / BRISBANE Polish Club Polonia of Brisbane
    17.01.2016 / 18:00 / BRISBANE Jazz Club

    Feel invited to see this!


    As with Noa, an outstanding Israeli singer, who only rarely performs in Poland (but when she does she's always a blast!), it is a rare occurrence to watch Anna Maria Jopek sing in Israel. Despite that, the two's paths are soon going to cross... as many as three times! AMJ and Achinoam Nini (which is Noa's real name) are set to perform together in Tel Aviv (Nov 25), Herzliya (Nov 27), and Zikhron Ya'akov (Nov 28). Get ready for three musical feasts! "The fact that Pat Metheny fell enough in love with her to want to produce her album speaks for itself," says Marcin Kydryński about Noa. "She is one of the most brilliant vocalists, composers, and songwriters from Israel."

    More details:

    The project is supported by Polish Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv.

    One of the greatest figures of the jazz world, the saxophonist and composer Branford Marsalis, will star in the anniversary edition of the BMW Jazz Club. He is to appear with a new and surprising repertoire during three concerts: on 3 December in Bielsko Cultural Centre, on 4 December at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, and on 7 December in the Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin. Tickets go on sale today.

    Prepared especially for the tenth edition of the BMW Jazz Club is a premiere project called "Bezgranicznie". Branford Marsalis and the excellent Polish musicians will create a jazz superband which will interpret Polish classical, jazz, and folk music. Branford Marsalis is an artist combining different climates and styles: jazz, classical, and world music. He earned broad popularity with the famous opening note and the solo in the "Englishman in New York". - He is an uncompromising musician, curious about the world, who accepts challenges. An artist I won't hesitate to call epoch-making. Nobody in the world is a better match for the phrase: "Bezgranicznie" [Limitlessly] - says Marcin Kydrynski, the originator of the concert. - "B" - like "Limitlessly". No limits, no borders, no divisions, no prejudice, no complexes, no fear. "B" - like Branford.

    Artists known from previous editions of the BMW Jazz Club as well as new guests will appear on stage on the occasion of the jubilee. Anna Maria Jopek, who also supervises the artistic aspect of the project, will perform on stage. The Jazz superband will be co-created by: Mino Cinelu, Maria Pomianowska, Adam Strug, Atom String Quartet, Marcin Wasilewski, Robert Kubiszyn and Pedro Nazaruk. Stanislaw Soyka will join the ensemble in the Grand Theatre.

    When, together with Anna Maria Jopek, we began to think about the the BMW Jazz Club jubilee, the dream choice was Branford Marsalis - adds Marcin Kydrynski. - This brilliant musician had previously worked with Ania on the "ID" album and responded immediately to the new proposal, but set a condition that we propose a repertoire to him, surprise him and throw him an artistic challenge.

    The creators of the evening do not want to reveal any more details about the repertoire. We only know that the theme of the "Bezgranicznie" concert will be Polish compositions. Krzysztof Herdzin is charge of arrangements. The rest remains a surprise.

    We are pleased to invite you to three exclusive concerts:
    December 3, 2015 - Bielsko-Biala, Bielskie Centrum Kultury, 7 PM
    December 4, 2015 - Warszawa, Teatr Wielki - Opera Narodowa, 8 PM
    December 7, 2015 - Szczecin, Filharmonia Szczecin, 8 PM



  • POLANNA special concert in Wrocław

    On 11 November 2015 (Poland's National Independence Day) Anna Maria Jopek is performing special concert in Wrocław (Narodowe Forum Muzyki, 19:00).
    She is going to present Polanna Project with the great musicians: Maria POMIANOWSKA, Adam STRUG, Mateusz POSPIESZALSKI, Piotr NAZARUK, Marek NAPIÓRKOWSKI , Rafał KWIATKOWSKI, Krzysztof HERDZIN, Paweł DOBROWOLSKI. Guest appearance: STANISŁAW SOYKA.

    Polanna - a neologism coined to describe AMJ's music that derives directly from the Polish traditional and classical music. AMJ sings and improvises drawing inspiration from the works of Chopin, Moniuszko, Szymanowski and even of renaissance Wenceslas from Szamotuły. It is her attempt to reach the essence of the Slavic soul in music. AMJ collides modal nostalgia with feisty Polish dance rhythms. The combination triggers jazz improvisation and gives the listener a chance of discovering universal space of eclectic sound, beyond time and borders. Her desire is that they transcend their native culture, reaching the world in ways that genres such as Brazilian Bossa Nova have done. She sees it as a musical code that is deciphered and known worldwide, a musical convention which inspires people everywhere. Polanna not only impresses with its originality, it also depicts what AMJ considers most beautiful in the musical tradition of her homeland.

    11 November (Wednesday) - Wrocław (Poland), 20:00
    Narodowe Forum Muzyki (Plac Wolno¶ci 1)
    Poland's National Independence Day - special concert


    This is another episode of AMJ's Japanese adventure. She gave many concerts at Blue Note Tokyo, performed with Makoto Ozone at Kioi Hall and Tokyo Opera... Quite recently, she also became an ambassador of Polish-Japanese friendship.
    Here goes the continuation! On September 5th, AMJ is set to perform at Tokyo International Forum Hall, in front of 5,000 people, as part of Tokyo's most import jazz festival. During the festival, clubs and outdoor venues in Tokyo will provide a stage for as many as two hundred artists. Anna's presence among these renowned musicians fills us with genuine pride!
    Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, please visit

    Organized in collaboration with

    Anna Maria Jopek has a guest appearance in Richard Bona's concert. Their performance is scheduled on 4th July 2015 in Wadowice (Poland) during Młyn Jazz Festival. You cannot miss a chance of seeing them together on one stage!


    Anna Maria Jopek has been awarded the Knight's Cross of Polonia Restituta (one of Poland's highest Orders) - for outstanding achievements in artistic and creative work and for popularising Polish music in the world.

    zdjęci: Wojciech Olkusnik - Kancelaria Prezydenta Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej

    The #mindpower (#domasspēks in Latvian) project is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Latvian poets Rainis and Aspazija. It features a collection of 29 short films in which celebrities from all the EU Member States read excerpts from the works of Rainis and Aspazija in their native language. The project is a part of the Presidency cultural programme. In the 13th episode of #mindpower, Anna Maria Jopek and Latvian journalist Eva Ikstena-Strapcāne interpret the poem "The Time of Heroes" by Rainis. In this episode, Anna Maria Jopek is accompanied by bass player Robert Kubiszyn. They improvised "Tęskno mi tęskno" (Polish folk song) together. Find out more: or

    A special thanks to Teatr Studio and barStudio in Warsaw for their support during the filming of the episode.


    A beautiful, nineteenth-century chapel with ideal acoustics. Its interiors, designed in the Gothic revival style, has for years provided a perfect setting for live music of many styles and flavours. Among the artists who put on their performances there over the past years are, among others, Björk, Damien Rice, Asaf Avidan, Chris Martin, Goldfrapp, The Killers, Agnes Obel, Florence and the Machine...
    On the third Saturday of February 2015, this charming, fairytale-like chapel will be the venue for a "Polanna" concert. Can you imagine a better place to enjoy some sublime indigenous Polish music? Anna will be joined on stage by our favourites: Marek Napiórkowski, Krzysztof Herdzin, Robert Kubiszyn, Paweł Dobrowolski, and Pedro Nazaruk. The concert is set for 8.30 p.m. at the Union Chapel. Hope to meet you there!

    Please find details here...


    'Everyone I work with has brought a unique dimension to my music. No one, however, but Mino has so radically altered the fate of each song. He's a genius of musical pulse, colour, and narrative,' says AMJ about Mino Cinelu. "He was my love from first hearing. When Sting sang his hit 'Fragile,' I was praying to the guy who played an udu groove in the background. And when I started recording my own music I wished I would meet that Guy one day. If not for Mino, Niebo, Upojenie, Farat, Jo&Co, ID would never have come about... Nobody in the world plays percussion instruments like him. He has such a golden, live-giving pulse in his fingers.'

    Mino Cinelu will join AMJ Quartet, a versatile and crazy band of multi-instrumentalists. 'Sky is the limit, says Anna Maria Jopek about the project. We will hear some brand new music, as well as old songs reinterpreted in a new light. AMJ and her special guest will be backed by Piotr Nazaruk, Krzysztof Herdzin, and Robert Kubiszyn.

  • 14 February 2015 - ŁÓD¬ (Wytwórnia)
  • 15 February 2015 - WROCŁAW (Concert venue of Radio Wrocław)
  • 17 February 2015 - BIELSKO-BIAŁA (Bielskie Centrum Kultury)
  • 17 February 2015 - WARSZAWA (Teatr Studio)

    Please find details here...


    12.11.2014 - Tokyo International Forum Hall C (,
    13.11.2014 - Club 104,5 (


    Anna Maria Jopek is lined up to perform in USA and Canada this year. The date of the two opening New York concerts has been confirmed as Nov 5, 9:30 and 11:30 pm. Both recitals will take place at Joe's Pub, a place famous for its openness to musicians of all backgrounds. Some big acts have made their way through the small room over the years, like Adele, Alicia Keys, Dolly Parton, and Youssou N'Dour.

    For AMJ, NYC is just the beginning of her forthcoming tour on this side of the globe. The next stops include Chicago (Nov 8, Copernicus Center) and Toronto (Nov 9, Polish Cultural Centre). Please find more details in our concert schedule.

    Anna Maria Jopek performs three "Polanna" concerts in China. Here is the schedule:

    12th September 2014 - Shanghai (China), 19:30 - Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre
    14th September 2014 - Wuhan (China), 19:30- Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall
    16th Sptember 2014 - Beijing (China), 19:30- Forbidden City Concert Hall, Beijing


    Anna Maria Jopek is set to perform at Belarusian State Philharmonic, Sep 24, as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Polish Institute. Tickets are already on sale!

    It's been 20 years since AMJ held her very first concert in Belarus. She sang in Vitebsk, at the 1994 edition of the "Slavic Bazaar" festival. "It was my first festival. First competition. First TV and international performance. It was then that I received the award of the jury president, Michel Legrand himself. But the real award was to acquire his recognition. As I finished singing, he placed his hands onto my head and uttered words that changed me. He breathed hope into me, making me believe that I can sing, do this job, that it is my role in life. I will never forget that. Vitebsk was a beginning of something big. It is a very important remembrance," says AMJ in the "Where Minsk" latest issue.

  • Return to The Voice with Anna Maria Jopek

    Anna Maria Jopek is a part of new project called Return to The Voice. It is the brand new theatrical spectacle from the internationally acclaimed, multi award-winning Polish company Song of the Goat (Teatr Pie¶ń Kozła). Return to the Voice is a passionate ensemble performance inspired by ancient Gaelic and Scottish music, including laments for death and love, psalms and songs of exile. Return to The Voice will premiere in Edinburgh, (St Gilles Cathedral. 6-25.08.2014) this August and will be also showcased in London (Battersea Arts Centre, 28-29.08.2014). More:

  • Guest performance during Folklore to jazz project

    Anna Maria Jopek has guest appearance in Radovana Tariąka project called "Folklore to jazz". Special concert will take in Studio of Slovak Radio (Slovensky Rozhlas, Bratislava) on 9th April 2014, at 19:00. Tickets are available here:

    HAIKU - Anna Maria Jopek & Makoto Ozone


    AMJ is lined up to perform in Sankt Petersburg and Moskow during Jazz Triumph Festival. You cannot miss following concerts:
    26th February - Big concert hall Oktyabrsky, St. Petersburg
    1st March - Svetlanovsky hall of Moscow International Performing Arts Center
    2nd March - Igor Butman Club at Chistie Prudy, Moscow.


    AMJ Quartet (Krzysztof Herdzin, Robert Kubiszyn, and Pedro Nazaruk) will be performing in the picturesque capital of Turkey in two weeks, on January 29th.

    Tickets (35-55 TL) are available at

    Feel encouraged to come out!


    Wielka Polanna (Polanna the Great,) a concert variation of the Polanna project, leads us to wander off into musings on the essence of Polish soul in music. "I draw from both early music and peculiarly contemporary themes: from Wacław of Szamotuły, through Stanisław Moniuszko, to the pieces by Karol Szymanowski, Skaldowie, as well as folk and partisan songs. I have hummed them many a time to myself since childhood. They have moulded my music identity," says AMJ.
    Performing Polish music all around the world in collaboration with multinational musicians has been Jopek's mission for many years now. She herself maintains that she simply sings what she considers significant, honest, and worth presenting to foreign audiences. "Barring the success of the genial Chopin, the notion of Polishness in music remains unrevealed. I wish the mazurka, kujawiak, and oberek would become what bossa nova has long come to be-a worldwide recognized music code; a convention in which many want to compose and improvise," AMJ confesses. "Wielka Polanna" will feature a great band: classical, jazz, folk, and pop artists. Our traditional mazurkas and kujawiaks will be interpreted by foreign musicians, too. Gil Goldstein and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, two special guests of the concert, are ones of the most influential artists of our times.
    "In a way, we are getting back to the original Polanna line-up (the project debuted at the Siesta Festival in Gdańsk), but in Warsaw we will be joined by my brilliant Colleagues, too: Stanisław Soyka and Mateusz Pospieszalski."
    November 26th, 8 p.m., WARSAW, the Congress Hall (Sala Kongresowa)
  • Anna Maria Jopek & Camane


    On November 14th, at Lisbon Coliseum, Camané--the Prince of Fado famous for his unique and hypnotising voice--will be holding a special concert featuring such artists as Carlos do Carmo, Aldina Duarte, Mário Lagina, and... Anna Maria Jopek.

    Tickets (for EURO 15 and more) are available at:

    This autumn, Anna Maria Jopek again appears on Asian concert stages. On October 5th, AMJ and her band will be holding two concerts at the world famous club Blue Note Tokyo. Following their performances in 2009 and 2011, it is going to be her fifteenth concert on that legendary stage. On the next day, AMJ will be taking to the stage at Jarasum International Jazz Festival, the most important jazz festival in South Korea. It is worth mentioning that it is held on the picturesque island of Jara, which attacts over 100 000 music lovers alongside top-class jazzmen every year.

    Don't forget about meeting Anna Maria Jopek in Anjin Premium Live (4.10.2013), where she will have short recital.

    For more details visit:,
    Project supported by:,

    A series of concerts by AMJ and Kroke is behind us, but the artists are not going to slow down—we’re happy to announce their another collaborative performance! This time, the musicians will be performing abroad, in Frankfurt am Main, on July 30. More..


    According to the "Down Beat" (the most important jazz magazine in the world) readers' survey, Kurt Elling is the no.1 male singer--and this is all the more reason to mention that he surprised Anna Maria Jopek at the TVP Kultura's jubilee concert by singing two songs from her hit album "Upojenie." And not merely this; he also made a special dedication to her, saying: "Anna, for you." It is noteworthy that both "Me jedyne niebo" and "Cichy zapada zmrok" were sung in Polish. Anna Maria Jopek, touched by such a distinction, commented on his performace: "My mission is accomplished. Makoto plays 'Cyraneczka' for Asian audiences, and Kurt Elling sings in Polish."


    AMJ and Kroke to perform together again! After the already announced Bielsko-Biała show on May 11, the musicians will be holding a collaborative concert in Grudzi±dz, on June 16. Visit Poland! Those shows are certainly worth attending! More..


    Krzysztof Herdzin's new album, with Anna Maria Jopek, Dorota Mi¶kiewicz, and Grzegorz Turnau as vocalists, is set to release on Valentine's Day--and it's worth waiting for! As a reminder, it will comprise a song cycle composed to poems by Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński and Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer.

    We are very excited to announce that on February 10, Herdzin will be holding a pre-release concert for his upcoming CD at the Agnieszka Osiecka recording studio. All of the artists who performed on Jeste¶ ¶wiatłem [You Are the Light] have already confirmed their presence! As always, the first hour of the show will be broadcast live. Mark this date in your calendars!


    Polanna on the Feast of Saint Valentine? Why not! It's, after all, an album about love, though--unlike on Niebo--a suffering one, touched by time and storms of history. But this repertoire will be just a pretext to embark on a journey through intimate love songs telling both sweet and bitter stories of love. Just the same as every year, await some surprises!

    The Valentine's Day mini series of concerts will include four performances: in Gdynia, Koszalin, Poznań, Jelenia Góra and Rzeszów. Find out more in concert schedule.

  • Anna Maria Jopek concert on Trójka Polish Radio!

    Polanna has proved successful abroad, suffice it to mention enthusiastically-received concerts in Germany, Ireland, and Mexico. AMJ has conscientiously fulfilled the task she once set herself--to open up the world of indigenous Polish music to those who don't know it at all (or know it only superficially). Clearly, Polish audience appreciate this beautiful repertoire equally as much, evidencing that it's always precious to return to one's roots.
    We are glad to inform that on November 25, you'll have the opportunity to listen to Polanna live: at the Agnieszka Osiecka studio and on Trójka - Program 3 Polskiego Radia. AMJ will be joined on stage by Marek Napiórkowski, Robert Kubiszyn, Paweł Dobrowolski, Krzysztof Herdzin, Piotr Nazaruk, and a special guest Marianna Humetska. The concert starts at 8.05 p.m.


    AMJ is lined up to perform in Mexico during Festival Internacional Cervantino. Not only does that destival constitute the most important festival in Mexico and Latin America, but it is also one of the four most prestigious festivals in the whole world. For AMJ, performing at it is a great honour and challenge. Plus an attempt--for indigenous Polish music (the concerts will include songs off Polanna). In total, four Polanna concerts are scheduled:
    10 October - Durango, Teatro Ricardo Castro, 8.30 pm
    11 October - Torreon, Teatro Isauro Martínez, 8 pm
    13 October - Guanajuato, San Gabriel de Barrera, 12 o'clock
    16 Obctober - Metepec, Parque Juárez, 8.30 p.m.


    We are pleased to announce that Anna Maria Jopek will perform in Mainz (19.09.), Mannheim (20.09.) and Braunschweig (21.09.) with Polanna project. In October she will also appear in Mexico (Festival Internacional Cervantino) and Ireland (Cork Jazz Festival, 28.10). In November AMJ will perform in Lviv (Ukraine) during International Paderewski Festival (17.11.). More details you can find in concert schedule.


    We are glad to announce that at the end of October Anna Maria Jopek is going to perform together with outstanding Japanese jazz pianist Makoto Ozone. Three performances "Haiku" will take place in cosy interior of Studio Theatre (Palace of Culture and Science) in Warsaw. More details in concert schedule.


    We are glad to inform you that at the end of July Anna Maria Jopek is going to perform outdoor "Sobremesa" concerts in Italy and Poland.

    11 July (Wednesday) - Capurso (Italy)
    12 July (Thursday) - Piazza del Porto (Italy)
    27 July (Friday) - Opole (Poland)
    28 July (Saturday) - Inowrocław (Poland)
    29 July (Sunday) - Toruń (Poland)

    On the stage will perform: Annie Marii Jopek, Yami, Marito Marques, Joao Balao, Krzysztof Herdzin, Marek Napiórkowski and Henryk Mi¶kiewicz. More in our schedule.


    On Saturday Anna Maria Jopek starts short tour with "Polanna" project. Anna says that "Polanna" takes a fresh look at both important and beautiful moments in the history of our music. From Wacław from Szamotuły through old folk music, Stanisław Moniuszko, Mieczysław Karłowicz ending with Karol Szymanowski and Skaldowie band. During "Polanna Tour" Anna is going to perform in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg and Wolfsburg). More details in concert schedule.

    31 March - Łomianki • 1 April - Elbl±g • 11 April - Berlin • 12 April - Hamburg • 13 April - Wolfsburg • 21 April - Pisz • 22 April - Białystok


    Anna Maria Jopek & Kroke will support Peter Gabriel concert in O¶więcim (13.05.2012) during Life Festival. More:


    Anna Maria Jopek will give two concerts during Ethno Jazz Festival in Wrocław. She will perform together with KROKE (4th February) and with the Prince of Face, Camané (18th February). Both concerts will take place in The White Stork Synagogue in Wrocław.


    Watch video from the first concert...

    Anna Maria Jopek in Blue Note Tokyo magazine We are pleased to announce that Anna Maria Jopek is going to visit Japan twice in the near future.

    On the 22nd of December Ania will sing in Osaka, opening a series of Christmas concerts. A part of those concerts will be also a performance in famous Blue Note Tokyo (24th, 25th and 26th of December). This event is broadly discussed in the magazine "Blue Note", (November/December issue of the magazine) the cover of which depicts  Anna Maria Jopek.

    After a short break Ania will be back in the Cherry Blossom Land to give a performance in Tokyo (on the 7th of January 2012) and Matsuyama with her HAIKU concerts together with Makoto Ozone. Please find the details of the concerts in our schedule.


    We are pleased to announce that Anna Maria Jopek's new albums are available on iTunes.

  • Anna Maria Jopek in Dublin

    Read short interview from The Irish Times.

    Listen to the interview, which AMJ gave to the Irish RTÉ Radio 1:

  • Already released ! three brand new albums.

    POLANNA: The search of the essence of Polish soul in music, in the arrangements of Gil Goldstein -multiple Grammy Award winner and Krzysztof Herdzin. The band, created especially for the purpose of this project, consists of Cuban piano master Gonzalo Rubalcaba, the great lady of polish folk music Maria Pomianowska and the classic cellist Rafał Kwiatkowski. Guests appearance made by Stanisław Soyka.
    The albums take a fresh look at both important and beautiful moments in the history of our music. From Wacław from Szamotuły through old folk music, Stanisław Moniuszko, Mieczysław Karłowicz ending with Karol Szymanowski and Skaldowie band. Among the compositions we can also expect a premiere composition.
    The album was recorded in the Radio Gdansk studio and brought together in the New York studio MRS by Grammy Award winner Joe Ferla with the hand of Steve Rodby.

    - HAIKU: it is an attempt to find a common factor for the Polish and Japanese music. The project was accomplished together with Makoto Ozone, the most outstanding Japanese jazz pianist. As a guest star we will have a chance to hear Tomohiro Fakuhara, the artist of Kabuka theatre, who will play bamboo flutes. The album was recorded and mixed by Tadeusz Mieczkowski in Warsaw studio Sound and More. Anna Maria Jopek has visited Japan six times so far performing in the most important places in the country. More concerts in December and January 2012 after the album premiere in Tokyo.

    Check out "Kujawiak" in a concert version.

    - SOBREMESA: a kind of "dessert" after the sophistication of the main course. It presents the stories of Lisbon, the city where Anna Maria Jopek has found her second home. It is a collection of Anna Maria Jopek's beloved songs from the world of Portuguese and lusophone culture. Among the guests we have an opportunity to hear the greatest artists such as "the prince of Fado" Camané, charismatic voices from Cape Verde Island: Sara Tavares and Tito Paris, the legendary Portuguese singer Paulo de Carvalho, Angolan multi- instrumentalist and vocalist Yami, or the Brazilian composer and singer Ivan Lins.
    On this album there are three premiere compositions (among others already popular duet with Tito Paris " Tylko tak mogło być") and created especially for this project polish lyrics for lusophone music. Anna Maria Jopek performs mainly in Portuguese, sometimes even in Creole language and Kimbundu.
    The album was recorded in Lisbon with the multicultural band created for this occasion.
    The album was mixed by Scott Petito (sound engineer of Michael Franks albums) in NRS Studio, Woodstock, NY.

    Anna Maria Jopek :: LUSTRAThose three albums are available in a single publication entitled LUSTRA where the music is accompanied by the photo story in a hundred frames presenting the last three years, from the times of the "ID" and the premiere of a book/album "Dwa serduszka" till now. It's worth mentioning that those pictures are different from the pictures in CD's booklets published separately. A book with the artists' comments, richly illustrated and three new records - this is an incredible surprise for fans and collectors that cannot be missed.

    The executive producer of the whole project; music co - producer of "Polanna" and "Sobremesa", the photographer and co - author of the graphic design of all records and the author of eight new lyrics on "Sobremesa" and a premiere song on "Polanna" is Marcin Kydryński.

    The records are produced by AMJ Music for Universal Music Polska.

  • SOBREMESA TOUR - concerts promoting the new record from the 4th of November

    We will have an opportunity to hear the concert version of Sobremesa project from the 4th of November in the biggest Polish cities. They are going to be amazing, energetic evenings dominated by "the blues of the edge of Europe". Next to Anna Maria Jopek there will appear Yani, Nelson Canoa, Marito Marques, Joao Balao, Marek Napiórkowski and Henryk Mi¶kiewicz. Beto Betuk will be a guest star in Warsaw.

    - November 4th - Kielce (Hala Widowiskowa MOSiR), 7 p.m.
    - November 5th - Bielsko-Biała (BCK - Dom Muzyki), 7 p.m.
    - November 7th - Zabrze (Dom Muzyki i Tańca), 8 p.m.
    - November 8th - Wrocław (Klub Eter), 8 p.m.
    - November 9th - ŁódĽ (Teatr Wielki), 8 p.m.
    - November 11th - Lublin (Centrum Kongresowe UP), 8 p.m.
    - November 12th - Rzeszów (Live Club) 6 p.m.
    - November 14th - Kraków ( Klub Studio) 8 p.m.
    - November 16th - Sopot (Sheraton Sopot, Conference Center) 8 p.m.
    - November 17th - Bydgoszcz (Filharmonia Pomorska), 8 p.m.
    - November 20th - Warszawa (Och-Teatr), 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.
    - November 22nd - Szczecin (Hala Opery), 8 p.m.
    - November 23rd - Konin (DK OSKARD), 7 p.m.

  • Live & Let's Live Love For Japan

    "Live & Let's Live Love for Japan" is a new Makoto Ozone's album released in Japan. This album is a tribute and support Makoto Ozone and his friends from all over the world have given to the victims of the March earthquake that took place in Japan. The sales of the album are donated for Japanese recovery. Apart from Makoto Ozone, the album "Live & Let's Live Love For Japan" features many great artists such as jak Chick Corea, Christain McBride, Gary Burton, Branford Marsalis and Anna Maria Jopek in "Kujawiak" (Mazurka C sharp minor No.2 op.6). It's worth mentioning that this is a version coming from the newest album entitled "Haiku".

    More details about the album are available on the website, where internet sales are also possible. (Amazone, HMV lub Tower Records).


    We are pleased to announce that this weekend Anna Maria Jopek is going to visit Sao Paulo (Brazil). Later she will travel to Curitiba, where she will be performing with one of the most important creator of Brazilian music - Ivan Linsem. During the performance Anna Maria Jopek will be accompanied by Marek Napiórkowski. The concert starts at 8 o'clock p.m. Tickets available on:


    "Siesta" - Marcin Kydryński's radio program is one the most popular programs in Polish Radio and it will be celebrating its 10th anniversary soon. Its plate versions have been bestsellers for six years and majority of them were granted platinum status. The first Siesta Festival will be initiated by three concerts during the "May long weekend" starting on the 29th of April. Events take place in Gdańsk (Poland). Every day of the festival will bring music from different parts of the world. On the 1st of May we will have a chance to listen to the brand new Anna Maria Jopek's project entitled "Polka". You can expect extraordinary performance, new arrangements and compositions prepared especially for the occasion. Among the arrangers four- time Grammy award winner Gil Goldstein. Among the performers there will be a brilliant Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Grammy winner, nominated for this award fifteen times. On stage the old folk, restored instruments, alongside classical violin, jazz trumpet and not fitting in any stylistic frames - Anna Maria Jopek's band.

    More info on website

    BMW JAZZ CLUB Sounds of Haiku: Anna Maria Jopek & Makoto Ozone
  • BMW JAZZ CLUB 2010 presents
    concert SOUNDS OF HAIKU


    The fifth meeting from the BMW Jazz Club series is ahead of us. The next journey around Brazil, to the center of Africa, polish landscape and multicoloured Lisbon. Anna Maria Jopek after the concerts in Japan, invites to Poland the most outstanding Japanese jazz pianist Makoto Ozone.

    The meeting will have a special character thanks to flautist Tomohiro Fukuhara who is going to join Anna Maria's band. Some new compositions will be created especially for those concerts. Their tasks will be to find the common factors for the oriental Zen aesthetics and Slavic expression. There are no challenge that Anna Maria Jopek cannot take. One more time we will experience the unique music adventure. This year we are going to play five concerts in the following cities:

    WROCŁAW - 22.11.2010
    Centrum Sztuki Impart

    KRAKÓW - 23.11.2010

    DˇBROWA GÓRNICZA - 25.11.2010
    Pałac Kultury Zagłębia

    GDAŃSK - 27.11.2010
    Centrum Stocznia Gdańska

    WARSZAWA - 29.11.2010
    Teatr Polski

    hour: 20:00

  • Concerts in Japan

    We are glad to inform you that at the end of October Anna Maria Jopek is going to Japan to perform together with Makoto Ozone. The performances from the series „Road to Chopin” will be held in the best concert halls in following cities: Okayama (28.10.2010), Kobe (20.10.2010), Tokyo (5.11.2010), Kanazawa (6.11.2010). More details soon.
  • An extraordinary duet with Bobby McFerrin (August 17th 2010)

    AMJ i Bobby McFerrin, NDR Big Band i Gil Goldstein na scenie w Warszawie, 17.08.2010
  • AMJ and Bobby McFerrin, NDR Big Band and Gil Goldstein on Warsaw stage on August 17th 2010. Amazement, enthusiasm and admiration… the audience in warsaw’s Congress Hall couldn’t believe their ears when at the end of the concert with NDR Big Band under the baton of Gil Goldstein, Bobby McFerrin said: "Now let's have Anna sing the preludes...".AMJ sang with Bobby short, abstract improvisation and afterwards together with the orchestra she performed Chopin’spreludes. That was the most magical and moving moment of the concert. After the performance AMJ confessed:” Although we sang together before, I never thought that I will have a chance to experience such happiness again. (…) I regret that I cannot go to Cracow with them but I am performing in Lubeca. Next day at dawn AMJ flew to Germany.

  • AMJ before Sting's concert

    Press conference in Poznań, 20.08.2010
  • Ten years after opening Sting’s concert in March 2010 in Katowice, Anna Maria Jopek will sing on September 20th before Sting’s concert Symphonicities. The concert will be held on the occasion of opening of the football stadium in Poznań which has been prepared for EURO 2012.

  • AMJ, Makoto Ozone and Gregoire Maret In Palladium (August 16th 2010)

    AMJ & Makoto
  • AMJ and mouth organ player Gregoire Maret (Pat Metheny Group, Cassandra Wilson) made their guest appearance during Makoto Ozone’s concert promoting his album Road to Chopin. AMJ together with the outstanding jazz player performed songs Nie Ma Czego and Kujawiak. Later they were joined by Maret in a dynamic piece Cyraneczka.

    AMJ, who gave performances in Japanese cities this spring, has just come back from Osaka where she performed three times and was invited by Ozone to appear there again in November during her tour. They will both appear in Poland in November in special project. More details soon.

  • Summer holiday’s appearances

  • At the end of July Anna Maria Jopek will be a guest of three festivals. The first one is the Bohema Jazz Festival which is held annually in the biggest Czech cities. Ania is going to appear as a guest in Pilsen on Friday, July 16th 2010. However, we do not forget about Polish audience. The following day AMJ is visiting Niepołomice (near Kraków)where she is going to give a performance during the European Festival of Ballads.

    From July 30th to August 1st AMJ together with her band will be in Osaka (Japan) where she is going to participate in three concerts as a part of the Dojima Summer Live festival. More info on the schedule on our website.

  • "Dzieje Grzechu" (eng. The history of sin) - music video

  • Dzieje Grzechu You are more than welcome to visit our media section where you can find the brand new video to the Dzieje Grzechu -eng.“The history of sin” coming from the album of Polish singer Muniek Staszczyk. Anna Maria Jopek has made her guest appearance in this video. Let us remind you that this piece of music is promoting Muniek’s solo album released in March this year.

  • Anna Maria Jopek’s guest appearance on Makoto’s Ozone album

    Makoto Ozone ''Road to Chopin'' z Ann± Mari± Jopek Anna Maria Jopek and Gregoire Maret made guest appearance on Makoto Ozone’s new album – “Road to Chopin”. The album will appear on Polish music market on 16 April- almost simultaneously with its Japanese premiere.

    The album “Road to Chopin” came into existence in November 2009 and consists of 12 pieces of music in jazz arrangements. Ozone is one of the most outstanding Japanese jazz pianists, who’s been involved in original projects for years. This artist made records and was performing with, among others, Chick Corea, Gary Burton, Branford Marsalis and Pat Metheny.

    Anna Maria Jopek together with the phenomenal mouth organ player Gregoire Maret were invited by Ozone to cooperate with him on the newest album. Makoto Ozone met Anna Maria Jopek during her concerts in the famous club called Blue Note in Tokyo last spring where the idea of Chopin’s inspiration was born. The recording sessions in the studio in Warsaw was led by the recognized American sound director and producer Joe Ferl (known for cooperation with such artists as John Mayer, Joss Stone, Christian McBride, Bill Frisell or John Scofield).

    The album’s concert premiere will be held in May in Tokyo during the capital city’s most important festival “La Folle Journee” dedicated to Frederic Chopin on the occasion of the composer’s 200th birthday (more details...). Anna Maria Jopek is going to make her first public appearance there alongside the Japanese virtuoso.

  • Cancer awareness event for women with AMJ

    Anna Maria Jopek during a meeting in Newcastle A great opportunity for all women to come and discuss health issues with local health services such as Healthy Communities Collaborative, Community Action on Health, Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer Research UK and Patient Advice Liaison Service. The event will include information stalls, presentations and questions and answers session.

    Special guest will be Anna Maria Jopek, a Polish jazz singer (performing later at The Sage Gateshead) and supporter of the cancer awareness campaign in Poland.

    Free tickets for Anna Maria Jopek concert will be drawn.

    Time: Wednesday, 2nd June, 12pm-3pm
    Venue: The Lit & Phil, 23 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1SE
    Admission: free

    More information:

  • Changes in concerts' dates

    In connection with the Smolensk tragedy from April 10th, and national mourning commemorating the President of Polish Republic we would like to inform about rescheduling of the following concerts in Poland

    April 12thWodzisław ¦l±ski – concert rescheduled to June 6 2010
    April 16thWałbrzych – concert will take place in autumn 2010
    April 17thPolkowice – concert will take place in autumn 2010
    April 18thZielona Góra – concert will take place in autumn 2010

    The remaining concerts do not change their dates. The details in CONCERTS section.

  • Spring Jazz

    Nigela Kennedy Anna Maria Jopek is going to perform twice during this year’s Spring Jazz Festival – Zakopane 2010. On Friday 14 May Anna Maria Jopek is going to take part in Nigel Kennedy’s special project devoted to Frederic Chopin’s works whereas the day after that at 9 p.m. she will give her recital with the band. Both performances will be held in the “Sokół“ cinema in Zakopane. Spring Jazz Festival’s concerts will only provide the foretaste before the May performances in London where Ania is going to appear on stage together with Nigel and his guests (Nigel Kennedy’s Chopin Super Group) in Royal Festival Hall on 31 May (3 p.m.). Earlier that day Anna Maria Jopek together with her band will be a guest on Queen Elizabeth Hall’s stage (1p.m.) where she’s going to present her own work.

    We cordially invite you to join these events. More information is available in concerts’ section.

  • Concerts in Canada & USA

    At the beginning of March Anna Maria is going to give 4 concerts in North America. She is performing in Toronto (6.03.2010 – Polskie Centrum Cultury, 7.03.2010 The Rose Theatre Brampton), Chicago (13.03.2010- Copernicus Center) and New York (14.03.2010 - Skirball Center for the Performing Arts).

    More information in concert’s schedule on our website.

  • Anna Maria Jopek records with Makoto Ozone

  • the representative of Universal Music Japan, Makoto Ozone, Joe Ferla and AMJ. Studio S1, Warsaw, 12.11.2009 Recently, Anna Maria Jopek has taken part in Makoto Ozone’s recording sessions at Studio S1 in Warsaw. The Japanese artist is known for being the most remarkable jazz pianist in Japan. The project, based on Chopin’s music, has been carried trough by Joe Ferla, the legendary sound director, who has cooperated with such artists like: Barbara Streisand, John Scofield, Clint Eastwood, David Sanborn, Pat Metheny and many more. One of Makoto Ozone’s guest is Gregoire Maret, the harmonica virtuoso, who has worked with Pat Metheny Group, Cassandra Wilson and Marek Napiorkowski. During these recording sessions Anna Maria Jopek has arranged and performed two songs. The album will have its premiere on 15 April 2010.
    On the photo: the representative of Universal Music Japan, Makoto Ozone, Joe Ferla and AMJ. Studio S1, Warsaw, 12.11.2009

  • Anna Maria Jopek & Dominic Miller as guests of Nighthawks

  • Anna Maria Jopek and the guitarist Dominic Miller (who has worked with Sting and co-written many notable songs with him including 'Shape of My Heart'”) have been invited by the German band called Nighthawks to perform one of the Polish classic standards of popular music. The song was recorded in autumn 2009 and will be released on the next Nighthawks album in spring 2010.

  • BMW Jazz Club Lisbon Stories - tickets

  • We are very sorry to inform that all tickets for BMW Jazz Club Lisbon Stories concert in Warsaw have been already sold. Those who are willing to attend one of the Lisbon Stories concert still have the chance to buy a ticket for the concert in Gdańsk and Poznań. Click here for more information.


  • BMW- Lisbon Stories After great successes of wonderful meetings with the art of Brazil, after finding common roots with African musicians and after last year performance on one stage with the most remarkable Polish artists, BMW Jazz Club is searching for further challenges and inspirations.

    The music of Portugal should not only be identified as legendary Fado - this "blues of the edge of Europe". It is also one and only melting-pot of various influences and traditions. In one of the most beautiful and most poetical cities in the world - Lisbon - can be heard the music of many different countries which have been connected with Portugal for ages. Today the time of colonization is the history, but the artists from Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau or Cape Verde treat Lisbon as their mother land. Their music, though, represents the soul of past and old countries. And this, what happens in exploring many cultures, seems to be the most interesting.

    For many years, the permeation of different threads has interested BMW Jazz Club the most and it became their feather in the cap. This year, on LISBON STORIES concerts, we will have the honour to welcome a few marvellous artists from Lisbon.

    This year, BMW Jazz Club prepared three concerts in three cities!

    9.12.2009 POZNAŃ- Centrum Kongresowo-Dydaktyczne UM

    On the stage will perform:

    TITO PARIS (only in Warszawa)
    Henryk Mi¶kiewicz
    Ernesto Leite
    Marito Marques
    Marek Napiórkowski
    Robert Kubiszyn
    Paweł Dobrowolski

  • SIESTA 5 with Anna Maria Jopek

    Siesta 5 On 9 October 2009 another “Siesta” album will be available in Polish stores. The fifth part of extremely revered and appreciated by the listeners medley continues the tradition of searching for the most interesting recordings from all over the world. In the introduction Marcin presages that on the album “will appear some new guests, but also the familiar ones from the previous meetings. There is something somehow domestic in these our sjesta sessions, it’s nice. (...) For the first time – and surely for the last time – the lilac ballad night.” As always each recording has its special description and in addition the album is enhanced with marvellous photos by Marcin Kydryński. On the album we can also find the recording of Anna Maria Jopek. This time it is a song “Jakby nic się nie stało” from the maxisingle entitled “Skłamałabym”.
  • Anna Maria Jopek & Youssou N’Dour together!

    On 13 September 2009 in Warsaw Congress Hall Anna Maria Jopek performed as a guest of the legendary concert “The Voice of Africa”. Youssou N’Dour is maybe the most cognoscible artist in so-called “World Music” with the help of his huge smash “7 Seconds Away” and the concerts like Live 8. The Senegalese artist performed as a top star on the Crossroads of Cultures Festival. Before Youssou N’Dour’s performance, on the stage appeared Tcheka – the phenomenal guitarist and vocalist from Cabo Verde band.
  • Sypka Warszawa (Friable Warsaw)- new video

    In the 65th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising outbreak, Anna Maria Jopek performed in the video clip prepared for the composition entitled “Sypka Warszawa” (Friable Warsaw). The lyrics of this poem was written by the Polish poet Miron Białoszewski. The text was edited by Jerzy Bielunas, whereas the music was composed by Mateusz Pospieszalski. The video clip had its premiere on 1st August 2009 at 17:00 (W – hour).

    The day before Anna Maria Jopek performed on the concert entitled “Oratorium z Powstania Warszawskiego” (Oratorio from Warsaw Uprising) which took place on Krasińskich Square. Next to Anna Maria Jopek on the stage appeared Stanisława Celińska, Katarzyna Groniec, Alina Janowska, Maciej Maleńczuk, Adam Nowak, Robert Więckiewicz, Mikołaj Woubishet and the youngest generation of singing actors and dancers – the graduates from PWST in Wrocław, Ampla Cameral Choir and Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus. The stage performance had the form of dramatic oratorio with the participation of the orchestra, choir, soloists and the group of performers creating the stage movement.

    The scenario was based on the extracts from “Pamiętnik Powstania Warszawskiego” (The Warsaw Uprising Memoir). The oratorio discusses the tragedy of the fighting city and shows subsequent stages of its agony. The opus takes the form of harrowing narrative which shows people’s nightmare of everyday existence in destroyed and burnt city.
    Watch video...

  • AMJ & Beto - pictures from Dorotowo (Poland), where concert took place on a floating stage in the Wulpińskiego Lake


    Anna Maria Jopek will give several concerts in Poland during this holidays. Events will take place in Węgorzewo (Saturday, 25th July), Ełk (Sunday, 26th July), Dorotowo (Saturday, 1st August), Siedlce (Saturday, 22nd August) and in Końskie (Sunday, 23rd August). More details of the events can be found in CONCERT section on our website.

    Beto Betuk It is worth saying that in Dorotowo concert will be joined by Beto Betuk (, with whom AMJ recorded a song called “Niema”. This song was released on the maxisingle “Cisza na skronie, na powieki słońce” and on compilation Siesta 4 - Muzyka Swiata. Those CDs were available only in Poland.

    Great success in Japan – JazzGazeta was there!

    The performances in Blue Note in Tokyo were the last ones from Anna Maria Jopek Asian tour. During these four days and eight concerts in the most prestigious jazz club in the world, AMJ presented the highest level of her musical and vocal talent and she received a tremendous ovation. It is worth mentioning that on each of these eight concerts a different set of songs was played. It was always unique! I had the great honour to attend the last AMJ concert in Blue Note and I must admit that I was totally astonished and delighted. My friend and great violinist Sławek Talacha, who was with me that night said: “There are some moments in my life when I am very proud of being Polish”. And he was right. The Japanese audience reacts spontaneously but with the limit to a sincere applause. This time they screamed with the exhilaration, what in Japan means the truly adoration, not only the simple acceptance. The great sounding and brilliant performance of all musicians (Paweł Dobrowolski on drums, Robert Kubiszyn on bass and Marek Napiórkowski on guitars) made the concert extremely thrilling and unforgettable.

    Anna Maria Jopek can be proud. She came back to Poland as a winner. In Blue Note Tokyo there is no place for non-jazz or ordinary artists. This is simply the best jazz club in the world. The fact that all tickets were sold confirmed AMJ’s great success and is the introduction to her developing worldwide career. I would like to thank for making me touched with your beautiful music. You gave me the chance to listen to Polish jazz in Japan – to the great art! Piotr Iwicki.

    - Pictures by Marcin Kydryński
    - AMJ in Surabaya
    - Watch short video from Anna’s concert in Blue Note in Tokyo!
    - First day report from Tokyo (in Japanese)
    - Read short review from The Jakarta Post

    Anna Maria Jopek, Basia Trzetrzelewska i Kayah u Marka NiedĽwiedzkiego AMJ always dreamt about meeting Basia Trzetrzelewska. Eventually, Ania and Basia met during Marek NiedĽwiedzki’s live broadcast. We are curious if there is a chance for collaboration between AMJ and Basia Trzetrzelewska. Would you like to listen them together?


    Two extra shows are added to Anna Maria Jopek’s “World Tour”. She is going to perform in Saint Petersburg (25.04.) and in Düsseldorf (25.05.) during Düsseldorfer Jazz Rally. Details can be found in concerts schedule. We hope you will enjoy her performances!

    ANNA MARIA JOPEK ASIAN TOUR After a set of successful concerts in Europe Anna Maria Jopek is going to visit Asia. She will give several concerts during her tour (read details). Anna's concerts will take place in several exotic places such as Bali, Jakarta, Surabay (Indonesia) and Singapore. The fans will also have the chance to listen to her performance in Japan. There in Blue Note in Tokyo several special concerts are planned to take place. On her tour, Anna will be supported by Marek Napiórkowski, Robert Kubiszyn and Paweł Dobrowolski. All those gigs will promote the Asiatic premiere of the 'ID' album.

    The details of the tour schedule can be found in CONCERT section on our website. We also wish to encourage the fans to read a few words Anna aimed at the Japanese audience.

    OkładkaGreat summary of last years filled with hard and intensive work. Beautiful rememberance. Three albums. A book. 88 photos. 14 songs, some of them never released before . For the moment Anna Maria Jopek and Marcin Kydryński decided to take a break in their musical adventure. Nevertheless, on AMJ's birthday, 14 December 2008 the new special edition titled 'Dwa serduszka cztery oczy' was released. It is be available in good Polish music stores only.

    Full tracklist of new album 'Spoza':
    1. Spróbuj Mówić Kocham (pierwszy take) | 2. ID | 3. Nie Omijaj Mnie | 4. Tigghy Dingghy Ya-Hara | 5. Jakby Nic Się Nie Stało | 6. Cisza Na Skronie, Na Powieki Słońce (Bzim Duet) | 7. Daleko | 8. On Wszystko O Nas Wie | 9. Niema | 10. Możliwe (Duda Trio) | 11. Felicjanek 10 | 12. Patrzę Na Ciebie | 13. A Gdyby¶my Nigdy Się Nie Spotkali (Live) | 14. Linda Lou

    After releasing her new album AMJ is going on special concert tour! On the stage she will perform with Dhafer Youssef and her well-known friends: Marek Napiórkowski, Robert Kubiszyn, Paweł Dobrowolski and Pedro Nazaruk.

    There will be eight extraordinary concerts:

    8.11 Przemy¶l, Zamek Kazimierzowski (castel)
    9.11 Wrocław, Teatr Polski (theatre)
    16.11 Bydgoszcz, Opera Nova
    17.11 Gdynia, Klub Pokład
    29.11 Kielce, Wojewódzki Dom Kultury
    30.11 Lublin, Centrum Kongresowe UP
    1.12 Kraków, Kijow.Centrum
    2.12 D±browa Górnicza, Palac Kultury Zaglebia
    15.12 Warszawa, Teatr Polski (BMW JAZZ CLUB CONCERT)

    More details can be found in concert section on our page.

    We do not forget about the fans! There will be seven meetings with Anna Maria Jopek in EMPIK stores where fans will have a chance to have the new album signed by AMJ.

    Anna Maria Jopek will visit:

    6 November, hour. 18.00
    Warszawa, Marszałkowska Street 116/122

    10 November, hour. 17.00
    Poznań, Ratajczaka Street 44

    12 November, hour. 18.00
    Wrocław, Rynek 50

    13 November, hour. 17.00
    Kraków, Rynek Główny 5
    18 November, hour. 17.00
    Galeria Bałtycka Gdańsk, Al. Grunwaldzka 141

    21 November, hour. 17.00
    CH Manufaktura, ŁódĽ, Karskiego Street 5

    3 December, hour. 17.00
    CH Silesia, Katowice, Chorzowska Street 107


    After the success of ID album, which in two weeks became the Platinum Record, was released in many countries in the world and up to now has been sold in 50.000 copies, Anna Maria Jopek is ready for a new challenge. It is brave, sometimes radical concert album, recorded with world-famous guests.

    New album, which has its premiere in Poland on 17 October 2008, will include almost 80 minutes of music!

    BMW Jazz Club VOLUME 1 - is another, after two wonderful concerts and cooperation during last year's tour, artistic venture of AMJ, Marcin Kydryński and BMW Poland company. At the same time it is the first album from the collection, which is still being prepared within this project.

    More details about new album soon on our web site!

    Just before concert tour in Poland called „Jo&Co” Anna is going to give several concerts in Europe. Anna will visit Hamburg (21.10.), Costafeld (23.10.), Madrid (24.10.), Mainz (26.10.), Nürnberg (27.10.), Munich (28.10.), Wien (30.10.), Ostrava (2.11.), Praha (3.11) and Zaandam (7.12.). More details in our concerts schedule.

    AMJ & Pat Metheny Pat Metheny wished this album to have world premiere with his One Quiet Night. Five years ago some legal problems with contracts didn't allow to it. But it was worth waiting! Upojenie is going to be released in October by Nonesuch as Pat Metheny's album! It is extraordinary distinction. Up to now only Charlie Haden, Jim Hall and Brad Mehldau have had the opportunity to occur on Pat Metheny's album covers, linked with the mark "&"! International edition of Upojenie includes lyrics translated into English by Marcin Kydryński and Pat Metheny, short Pat's, AMJ's and Marcin's texts, and what is the most important - three not released songs (two of them are from memorable concert in Congress Hall). Also the order of songs is different, five years ago proposed by notable producer - Matt Pierson. This edition of Upojenie is priceless treasure for collectors. But perhaps the most priceless will be the first, Polish edition of Upojenie, which may soon disappear from the market?


    Anna Maria Jopek will take part in a special concert “Bossa Nova at 50”, which will take place on 3rd September 2008 in Hollywood Bowl.

    Bossa nova – the lilting, sensual sounds of samba mixed with cool jazz and syncopated guitar rhythms – was born in 1958 with Jobim’s “Chega de Saudade.” Castro-Neves and special guests (besides AMJ Kenny Rankin, Luciana Souza, Eliane Elias and others) will examine bossa nova’s sultry history.

  • Verve Today 2008

    Anna Maria Jopek with a song “Spróbuj mówić kocham” from ID is a guest of VERVE TODAY 2008 compilation. Album presents the most interesting artists of Verve Group. Besides Anna on the compilation we can listen to the songs of Lizz Wright, Beady Belle, Mari Boine or Richarda Bona.
    Anna Maria Jopek & Bobby McFerrin
    Anna Maria Jopek performed as a special guest on Bobby McFerrin’s concert, which took place in Congress Hall, Warsaw (6.07.2008). They sang together three improvised songs, but as it was put in Rzeczpospolita newspaper, their duet was great and it seemed to be well prepared.

    You can watch some pictures on our website.

    After six years since album "Upojenie" was recorded by Anna Maria Jopek and Pat Metheny it is going to be released abroad Poland! The premiere is planned for September 2008. More details soon on our website!
  • Vrije Geluiden /14.05.2008/, photo by Dim van Gerven

  • Vrije Geluiden with AMJ

    Anna Maria Jopek was a special guest in Dutch TV program called Vrije Geluiden. On our website you can watch interview (in English) with Anna and her short performance. more...

    On 18 April 2008 Anna will give a concert in Ukraine for the first time. She will perform in Kharkiv in RODDOM Concert Hall. This event is devoted to Integration of Poland to European Society and National Celebration of the Constitution (3 of May 1791). More details in our concert’s schedule.

    Last weekend AMJ performed in Uppsala in Sweden. She was also a guest in morning programme on TV4. Anna sang two songs: O mój rozmarynie – tradicional Polish song - and Cisza na skronie, na powieki słońce from album ID. She also gave an interview which is available on the website:

    Anna Maria Jopek :: IDOn 28 January 2008 an international version of album ID will have its premiere. For collaboration to this project Anna Maria Jopek and her husband Marcin Kydryński invited a bunch of true giants from around the world. The Brazilian bossa nova genius Oscar Castro Neves meets serene ECM recording pianist from Norway Tord Gustavsen. An exotic voice of Tunesian oud virtuoso and vocalist Dhafer Youssef blends with brave and adventurous notes of Branford Marsalis’ soprano saxophone. Richard Bona’s trademak Douala vocals and bass lines coexist with sensual French singing by percussion wizard Mino Cinelu. Manu Katche and Christian Mc Bride provide powerful grooves… yet then there is this amazing, sophisticated vocal (in fact – about a zillion of them so carefully layered!) by Anna Maria that makes it all work. Read more about ID.

    Below you can find dates of premiere of ID in each country :

    Switzerland – 25th January 2008
    Japan – 28th January 2008
    Norway – 28th January 2008
    Netherlands – 1st February 2008
    Greece – 4th February 2008
    Sweden – 4th February 2008
    Slovakia/Czech Rep. – 25th February 2008
    Finland – 27th February 2008
    Italy – 17th March 2008
    Germany, Austria – 25th March 2008

    More soon…

  • New Voice

    „Spróbuj mowic kocham” (English: Try to speak love) - the song from "ID" was published on “New Voice” album released by EMARCY. “New voice” gathers together sixteen of the finest female voices in jazz, New Voices showcases emerging female vocal talents from around the world.


    Skłamałabym - maxisingleIn Poland Anna Maria Jopek has just released new maxisingle entitled “Skłamabym”. It contains five songs and four of them are totally brand new. On the maxisingle we can listen to Richard Bona, Tord Gustavsen, Dhafer Youssef, Manu Katche, Mino Cinelu. You can buy “Skałamałbym” in Poland or order at any Polish music net store (e.g. /

    Track list: Skłamałabym / Nie Omijaj Mnie / Tigghy Dingghy Ya-Hara / Jakby Nic Się Nie Stało / Daleko / Linda Lou
  • Pictures from ID TOUR

    Watch some backstage pictures (taken by Marcin Kydryński) from ID TOUR.
  • Live Dates Confirmed!

    ID TOUR - poster With great pleasure we would like to inform that Anna Maria Jopek has announced details of 13 exclusive shows over the October, taking in Poland. AMJ is going to promote her newest album "ID" which was released in May 2007. Our artist has also invited two special guests: Dhafer Youssef - Tunesian who lives in Paris, one of the most important virtuosos oud (Arabic precursor of lute) and also one of the most inimitable vocalist in the world and Mino Cinelu - well-known percussionist who collaborated with Sting, Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, etc. On the stage they will be supported also by Polish AMJ's friends: Marek Napiórkowski (guitars), Robert Kubiszyn (bass) and Jan Smoczyński (piano). In addition, there will be a chance to see AMJ and Richard Bona (multiinstrumentalist and vocalist from Cameroon) performing together on one stage in Wrocław.

    Our partners: BMW Jazz Club & Millennium Bank

    More details here...
  • AFRICAN MOODS - concert with Richard Bona and Dhafer Youssef

    click for more pictures Last Wednesday (6.06.2007) inside the magical building of Polish Theatre Anna Maria Jopek gave the most unique and prestigious concert called 'African Moods' which was appreciated by the audience with standing ovation.

    The concert started with the gentle sounds of a song 'Spróbuj mówić kocham' - the same which opens the album 'ID'. Anna Maria Jopek performed with musicians who took part in recordings: Marek Napiórkowki (phenomenal guitar riffs), the pianist Krzysztof Herdzin, the bass virtuoso Robert Kubiszyn and drummer Paweł Dobrowolski. These musicians represented a core of the band but everyone was waiting for a performance of two Anna's special guests: the master of bass Richard Bona and Dhafer Youssef the owner of a beautiful voice and the oud virtuoso. AMJ and her guests played such songs as 'To, co nienazwane', 'Tea in Sahara', 'Aya (1984)' - duets with Dhafer Youssef and 'Zrób, co możesz' , 'Dina lam' performed with Richard Bona. The last song they played all together was smashing hot number 'Teraz i tu'.

    In the end AMJ, Dhafer Youssef, Richard Bona and Erich Papke (BMW Jazz Club), Piotr Rzeczycki (Universal Music Poland) were given platinum records - an award for 'ID' sales. Congratulation!

    Watch some pictures...

    The Jerusalem Post: It takes a combination of factors to bring into being a truly great Artist. First comes the talent – the absolutely necessary ingredient without which Art does not a priori exist. But talent is not enough. It needs to be completed by many other components like natural intelligence, education, experience, open-mindedness and sharp sensitivity. Read more...

    BMW Jazz Club presents special concert ‘African Moods’.

    ''BMW JAZZ CLUB'' On June 6th 2007 at Polish Theatre in Warsaw we will be witnesses of an exclusive concert with Anna Maria Jopek and her special guests: multiinstrumentalist and vocalist from Cameroon - Richard Bona and Dhafer Youssef - Tunesian who lives in Paris, one of the most important virtuosos oud (arabic precursor of lute) and also one of the most inimitable vocalist in the world. Both of them have just performed on the newest AMJ's album - ID.

    This concert is a second event inspired and organized by BMW Jazz Club and Anna Maria Jopek Music. Let us remind that the first one was entitled “The night of jazz and bossa nova” with a genius of bossa nova - Oscar Castro Neves and master of percusion instruments - Mino Cinelu as a special guests which took place in September 2006. They also took part in recordings of ID which will be released on May 11th 2007. Concert tickets will be made available from the 7th of May at
    PARTNERS: Clear Channel, Advertis


    We would like to inform that Anna Maria Jopek's brand new album (called ‘ID’) will be released on 11th May only in Poland. For collaboration Anna Maria Jopek and her husband Marcin Kydrynski invited such world famous musicians like Mino Cinelu, Manu Katche, Christian McBride, Richard Bona, Tord Gustavsen, Oscar Castro-Neves, Branford Marsalis, Dhafer Youssef, Arve Henriksen, AMJ’s friends from Poland: Kayah (vocal), Leszek Mozdzer (piano), Marek Napiorkowski (guitar), Pawel Zarecki (keyboards) and Krzysztof Herdzin. It is highly probably that new Anna’s album will be released in autumn abroad Poland. As far as we know the track list will be different . In our gallery we have published new photos from REAL WORLD STUDIOS, where new album was mixed. Photos...

  • Rozmiar: 39446 bajtów

    AMJ was a special guest of Kayah’s concert which was recorded for Polish section of MTV. Ladies sang together one song (“Kiedy Mówisz”) from Kayah’s album “YakaYaKayah” (international version of “JakaJaKayah”).

    MTV Unplugged is a series showcasing popular musical artists playing only acoustic instruments. Since from the very beginning Unplugged has stuck to its original idea of being raw, simple and fresh, bringing artists into an intimate studio atmosphere to perform for a small live audience. It is worth saying that it is the first time that such event has taken place in Middle Europe. This performance will be released on DVD in spring 2007 (watch show on MTV Polska, 21st December 2006, 9pm).


    The new album with Mino Cinelu’s music has been released recently. This time it is a soundtrack from Jacques Fieschi’s film “La Californie”. On this album AMJ performed in two songs: “La Lettre de Stephan” and “La Guerre”.More information on

    “La Californie” is available on Amazon.

    On Friday, 20 October 2006, Anna Maria Jopek was a special guest on Robert Wolf’s concert, which took place in Monachium. Robert Wolf is the guitarist of a formation called Quadro Nuevo. On his new album “Velvet night”, which was released in march 2006, AMJ performed in three songs. The Friday’s performance promoted this album and our artist was asked to sing two songs from “Velvet night”: “Nocturne (Ode mnie)” and “Nuit Blanche”. She also sang “Biel” (from “Upojenie”) and Mozart’s “Adagio” (from “Niebo”).
  • BMW JAZZ CLUB: AMJ & Oscar Castro-Neves!

    On Thursday evening (21.09.2006) in Collegium Nobilium Theatre in Warsaw our vocalist performed in a chamber concert with a special guest- Oscar Castro-Neves- a precursor of bossa nova and a close friend of Antonio Carlos Jobim. This concert has inaugurated activity of BMW Jazz Club in Poland.
    On a stage we could also greet well-known percussionist Mino Cinelu and other AMJ friends as: Robert Majewski on flugenhorn, Krzysztof Herdzin on piano (also a conductor of a string quartet), Henryk Mi¶kiewicz on saxophone and Robert Kubiszyn on bass.
    Although that bossa nova was the main theme of the concert, AMJ presented her first-night song: "Samej Cię nie zostawię" ("I won't leave you alone") from her newest album which is going to be released in April 2007. Oscar Castro-Neves appeared to be very kind person and we could also hear his singing (in polish!) in songs like: "Naanahnae" and "Możliwe". To the end AMJ &Friends executed well-known Jobim's composition "Agua de Beber (Water to drink)" and as an encore they played "Samba przed rozstaniem (known also as a "Apelo" composed by Baden Powell)". It is worth to add that each song was preceded with Marcin Kydryński comment, who also encouraged Oscar to say few words about bossa nova and his friendship with Jobim. Photos from this event...
  • Anna Maria Jopek with Christian McBride

    Anna Maria Jopek with Christian McBride One of the greatest contrabassist ever Christian McBride (who was performing with Pat Metheny Trio, Diana Krall, Sting, Natalie Cole, Paul Simon, Chick Corea, Joe Henderson, Michael Franks, Michael Buble and many others) wrote in his diary on his official website (
    "I also did a recording with the great polish singer/songwriter, Anna Maria Jopek. Many Metheny fans are familiar with her. I believe in her native country, she’s considered a pop star, but the music wasn’t pop at all. It was musical!" (may 2006)

    Feel free to join our new Forum. You can leave your message, discuss about AMJ music, share with others your opinion about concerts, etc.

  • Branford Marsalis and Richard Bona on Anna Maria Jopek new release!

    Polish newspapers have written recently about Anna’s collaboration with two world-famous musicians. On Anna Maria Jopek new release will appear Branford Marsalis on saxophone and bassist-vocalist Richard Bona. Marcin Kydryński, who is producing new album, promised to give us more details soon.

    Anna Maria Jopek was a special guest on Chris Botti’s concert in Warsaw, which took place in “Stodoła club” yesterday (13.07.2006). Chris and Anna performed together with “My Funny Valentine” and they were supported by Billy Childs on piano and Mark Whitfield on guitar.

    Today (14.07.2006) AMJ is performing in San Javier (Spain) on Auditorio Festival de Jazz de San Javier.


    Rozmiar: 29374 bajtów Anna Maria Jopek has appeared on Robert Wolf’s new album. This well known German guitarists (a member of QUADRO NUEVO) has just released his new solo album called “Velvet Night”. Our vocalists joined three songs there: “Nocturne” (music -Anna Maria Jopek, lyric - Marcin Kydrynski), “Luna De Miel” (music - Robert Wolf, lyric - Anna Maria Jopek) and “Nuit Blanche” (music - Robert Wolf, lyric - Anna Maria Jopek). Some samples of this music are avaible on


    Polish Tour which promoted "Niebo" (Heaven) album was really succeed. AMJ TRIO (AMJ- vocal, Marek Napiórkowski - guitars, Robert Kubiszyn - double bass) with Mino Cinelu (well-known percussionist who collaborated with Sting, Miles Davis, Pat Metheny) gave seven special and unforgettable concerts. After hard working in her homeland she is visiting United Kingdom in April, Germany and Austria in May, where she is going to promote her first English spoken album called "Secret". Our artist will perform with her full band which consist of Henryk Mi¶kiewicz (sax), Marek Napiórkowski (guitars), Robert Kubiszyn (double bass), Paweł Zarecki (piano), Paweł Dobrowolski (drums). our concert schedule...


    Rozmiar: 50510 bajtówOur vocalists will give seven special concerts in Poland together with well known percussionists Mino Cinelu. ANNA MARIA JOPEK TRIO (Marek Napiórkowski – guitar, Robert Kubiszyn – double bass) & Mino Cinelu is a special project created for promoting NIEBO (Heaven) album, which was released in October 2005 in Poland.

    20.03.2006 Wrocław (PL), Impart
    21.03.2006 ŁódĽ (PL), klub Fanaberia
    23.03.2006 Warszawa (PL), Fabryka Trzciny
    25.03.2006 Kraków (PL), klub Studio
    28.03.2006 Gdańsk (PL), klub Parlament
    29.03.2006 Słupsk (PL), Filharmonia Sinfonia Baltica
    31.03.2006 Poznań (PL), klub Blue Note

  • Bosa becomes international

    The 4th of March 2002 was a very important date in Universal Music Poland history. On that same day an international premieres of two genius jazz Albums: Barefoot Anna Maria Jopek and “Soul of Things” Tomasz Stańko have taken place.

  • photo: D.Kawka

    Both Albums were enthusiastically accepted by critics and common auditors. Anna’s Album premiere was surrounded by press conference organized in Harenda Club and a mini performance ( 3 formations accompanied by a band) “Barefoot” is an international version of jazz album “Bosa” released in 2000. The special guest of the premiere was Suzannah Reast International Marketing Manager from Universal Music International. Tomasz Stańko signed his Album in Empik Pub on the same day, two days later the “Master” performed in concert with musicians: Marcin Wasilewski (piano). Sławomir Kurkiewicz (double-bass) and Michał Mi¶kiewicz (percussion) – the same crew he was working with on recording. The hall of the Ujazdowski Palace was bulging at the seas, and the event was added splendour by legendary Manfred Eicher himself, the founder and the boss of music producers ECM, who is the Tomasz Stańko Album producer as well.

    Manfred was a guest of honor, accompanied by a strong and wide group of Universal’s representatives from different countries and jazz journalist from magazines like: The Guardian, Jazz magazine.